Established in 1976, Our company is a professional balloon manufacturer specialized on producing advertising giant balloons. With more than twenty years of experience, we have made thousands of high quality balloons in use all over the world.

Our products can be divided into two categories, flying (for use with helium) and standing (cold air). The flying balloons are made with PVC melted by high frequency machine. This kind of fabric is thin yet has high density and a PVC balloon can stay in the air for a long time after filling helium or hydrogen. These popular balloons are used at important occasions such as grand openings, trade show displays, parades, long term sales promotion, commercial, festival, sports events and election campaign. In addition, they also can be used as location markers, aerial billboards and as special holiday balloons.

Our standing balloons are made of Nylon and PVC fabric, and can be made into numerous shapes such as animals, plants, vehicles, cartoon figures and rooftop balloons. Standing balloons are inflated by use of a blower and these balloons are great for promotion and advertising at exhibitions

Smart Plastics has been managed for twenty years by our vice President, Mr. Charles Hsieh.Various balloons with intricate shapes and delicate artworks are produced by his years of experience and profound knowledge of both products and the industry. Our clients declare balloons purchased from Smart Plastics to be the best on the market.
With competitive prices, fast and efficient service, we always make high quality balloons to meet our clients' needs. Our products have earned praise all over the world and we will continue with our principle of "...the customer comes first."
If you are interested in our products, fax or mail us and we will contact you right away.